Dual-light Integrated High-speed PTZ Night Vision

 Introduction GS3275 products designed for high-end monitoring system designed with high-performance infrared thermal imaging module and HD visible light camera module, equipped with 360 ° omni- directional high-speed digital PTZ. The product output white light through the network port images, thermal images, support for mainstream image encoding format.

The GS3275 is equipped with a highly sensitive thermal imager with a 384 × 288 resolution and a 5-km detection range for heat- sourced targets for 24x7 operation; a 38x optical zoom visible light camera (8.5- 323mm) with Optical fog and auto focus function, in the dust, haze and other adverse weather conditions, can see the local details of the distant objects.

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Probing distance

Visible light: monitoring distance during the day 2km

Thermal imaging detection range: car(2.3m × 2.3m): 3km; Person (1.8m × 0.5m): 2km

Camera indicators

Imaging sensor

1 / 2 . 5 " Exmor CMOS

lens focal length

38×optical zoomf= 8 . 5323 mm

Image pixels


Minimum illuminance

Colour0 . 05 Lux( F 1 . 6 ), B/ W0 . 095 Lux( F 1 . 6 )

Thermal indicators

Thermal Detector

Uncooled vanadium oxide detector, temperature sensitivity <50mk


Standard: 384×288 , Optional: 640×512


focus: 75 mm , F 1 . 0 , Optional: 40 mm/ 50 mm

Sensing band

8~14 um response

Operating indicators

Control speed

Manual: Horizontal, pitch :0.01°/S80°/S

Rotation angle

360 ° horizontal, 90 °- 90 ° vertical, No blind spots


128 preset positions,no deviation, no loss after power off

Timing function

Timing color to black, alarm

Cruise group

8cruising tracks, each cruise tracks have 32 inspection points

Interface Specifications

Output Interface

Image output 100M Ethernet interface, support PELCO-D protocol,baud rate: 4800

Power supply

DC 30 V, Maximum power consumption 70 W

Environmental Indicators

Applicable environmental

-40℃~70℃,Humidity 95RH ( Non-condensing )Adapt to the plateau   climate

Protection class

The whole machine IP66 protection grade, waterproof rating up to Ip68


20 KG

★ integrated design, flexible operation, small body energy

★ 38xzoom, 323mm telephoto HD video camera, can distinguish people and cars at 2km

★ infrared camera with focus-free lens, optional 40mm / 50mm / 75mm

★ optional thermal imaging screen superimposed real-time temperature display

★ optical axis can be remotely electrically calibrated, the center of the color and infrared images coincide

★ When the screen is not jerked when the emergency stop, immediately see the screen content

★ Support PTZ data return function, precise positioning, easy event analysis and processing

★ remote one-button operation of thermal imaging non-uniformity correction, quickly restore the image clear

★ surge protection and lightning protection, effective lightning protection range up to 4500V

★ 128 precise preset, 4 cruise group, left and right scanning

★ horizontal speed 0.01 ° / sec to 80 ° / sec, pitch speed 0.01 ° / sec to 80 ° / sec

★ Horizontal 360 ° continuous rotation, pitch -90 ° ~ + 90 °, no blind spot monitoring

★ high sealing, salt, IP68 waterproof rating

★ Rings fixed holes for easy installation at high altitude