M1000B(Video Sound Bar )

Power Supply  DC 12V, 2A (Max.)
Operating Temperature  0° C ~ 40° C
Storage Temperature  -40° C ~ 60° C
Dimensions  601mm x 141mm x 115mm
Net weight 2.5 Kg

4K UHD Integrated USB Camera

Video Resolution  4K/30, 1080P/30, 720P/30 etc
Sensor  1/2.5 inches, CMOS, Effective Pixels: 8.51 Megapixels
Optical Lens 121° (DFOV), 110° (HFOV), 75° (VFOV), 5x zoom Horizontal/pitch ±15°
Tripod Head  Mechanical PTZ (MPT) + e-PTZ (EPTZ)
Digital Noise Reduction  2D & 3D Digital Noise Reduction
S/N Ratio  ≥ 55dB
Backlight Compensation  Support


It's designed for small and medium-sized conference rooms,

especially huddle rooms with 4-6 people, and to help

enterprises tap the potential of internal small and mini-sized

conference rooms to hold conferences more efficiently and

cut lease cost.



Convenient for small and medium-sized enterprises

to flexibly carry out daily business talks and team

collaboration remotely; creating relaxed, free and smooth

communication for quick decision-making and efficiency



Integration Design

The three-in-one design incorporating the 4K UHD camera, the

beamforming microphone and the full-frequency speaker helps

reduce wiring and makes available easy video communication.



1/2.5-inch UHD CMOS sensor with 8.51 megapixels offers 4K

(3840x2160)@30fps UHD images, downward compatible with

various resolutions such as 1080P and 720P to meet users' needs

for different video experiences.


Wide FOV

121° wide FOV (110° horizontal FOV), and 5x zoom; optical lenses

tailored for video conferences; built-in electric tripod head (range

of motion: horizontal and pitch ±15° ); easier for participants to be



Abundant Interfaces

HDMI 1.4b and USB3.0 supported; simultaneous output of

UHD audios and videos is available.


Easy to Deploy

Installation options like desktop, wall-mounted, TV/displaymounted are available, so it's easier to quickly install and

deploy in crowded conference rooms.


Beamforming Microphone

The built-in beamforming (BF) microphone has a pickup

distance of 6 m; the low-distortion transverse beamforming

algorithm directs the microphone to the speaker for better

sound effects and clearer and better communication.


Audio 3A Algorithm

The built-in audio 3A algorithm (AEC/AGC/ANS) and full-duplex

mode meet the communication requirements of various rooms;

people who sit at the conference table, sit or stand next to you can

talk comfortably and clearly.


Full-Frequency Speaker

The acoustically designed high-fidelity speaker minimizes

interference and offers extraordinary sound effects.



Connection to PCs or commercial large screens is realized

through PnP USB ports; the out-of-the-box mechanism

helps reduce wiring and offers easy-to-handle video

communication, thereby lowering the user thresholds.


Speaker Phone

Mobile phones and other devices can connect to this device

via Bluetooth and use it as Bluetooth microphone and

loudspeaker, and to connect phone calls to audio and video



Intelligent Analysis

The built-in intelligent analysis algorithm, the sound-driven

positioning, the automatic box selection of participants,

the automatic tracking of speaker, and the switching of

speaker's screen ensure the speaker is always clearly in the



Bluetooth 5.0

The transmission speed and distance of Bluetooth 5.0 are

increased by 2 times and 4 times respectively, compared with the

previous-generation technology; better audios are transmitted

between mobile phones/tablets wirelessly via Bluetooth.