Super Anti-wind Dome Turntable Camera

spec                  model

Dm 9000 Series

Monitoring distance

Visible light:5km in the daytime,1to 3km at night Thermal imaging:detection of 3 to 5km targets

Camera indicators

Image Sensor

1/1.8"Exmor CMOS,2.0 megapixel star-size large-size image sensor

focal length

optional350mm/500mm/750mm/1000mmfocal segment, 380-1100nm wide spectrum pass   rate

Image pixels

1920×1080 P

Minimum illuminance

Colour0 . 05 Lux( F 1 . 6 ), B/ W0 . 005 Lux( F 1 . 6 )

Thermal indicators

Detector type

Uncooled focal plane, temperature sensitivity <50mk

Detector resolution

Optional 384×288 or 640×512

Thermal imaging lens

Optional large calibre fixed focus 100mm/ 150mm, or all focal zoom  lenses

Sensing band

8~14 um respons


Laser Specifications


Laser net output

20~25 W


Laser wavelength

808 nm , Optional

 940 nm/ 980 nm

Laser lens


HPLM laser mirror

 components, the optical axis is not deviation

Laser angle


tric continuous precision adjustment, auto-synchronization  zoom

Operating Indicators


Control speed

Manual: Horizont

al 0.06 °/ s ~ 45 °/ s, pitch 0.03 °/ s ~ 24 °/ s, variable   speed

Rotation angle

360 ° horizontal, 45 °~- 45 vertical, No blind spots


128 preset positions (rotary clearance 0.05 °), no deviation, no loss after power off

Timing function

Timing color to black, alarm



Interface Specifications

Video output

10/100M Ethernet interface

Communication output

Support PELCO-D agreement, support PTZ data return function

Power supply

AC220V±20%,Peak power consumption 240W, the average power consumption  90W

Environmental Indicators

Salt spray test

Normal work, the surface no change in the PH value 6.5-7.2, continuous spray 48 hours


Below 5 ° C, the PTC heater is automatically turned on

Nitrogen sealed

Salt and alkali fog and other corrosive environments (optional)

Applicable environmental

-4070℃,Humidity 95RH ( Non-condensing )Adapt to the plateau   climate

Protection class

IP 66


170 KG