Input Voltage  DC 12V
Input Current  1.0A (Max.)
Operating Temperature  -10° C ~ 40° C
Storage Temperature  -40° C ~ 60℃
Power Consumption  12W (Max.)
Dimensions  128.5mm x 118mm x 156.2mm
Net Weight  0.9Kg

UHD Video Conference Camera

Video Resolution HD:1080P/60, 1080P/59.94, 1080P/50, 1080I/60, 1080I/59.94, 1080I/50, 1080P/30, 1080P/29.97, 1080P/25, 720P/120 (network support only), 720P/60, 720P/59.94, 720P/50, 720P/30, 720P/25, 640x480P/240(network support only, optional)SD:480I,576I
Sensor  1/2.8 inches, CMOS,
Scanning Mode  2.07 Megapixels
Focal length  Progressive
Digital Zoom  30x, f4.42mm ~ 132.6mm, F1.8 ~ F2.8
Minimum Illumination  16x
Shutter Speed  0.5Lux @ (F1.8, AGC ON)
White Balance  1080P/60, 1080P/50, 1080I/60, 1080I/50, 1080P/30, 1080P/25, 720P/60, 720P/50,
Backlight Compensation  1/2.8 inches, CMOS, Effective Pixels: 2.07 Megapixels
Digital Noise Reduction  Progressive
S/N Ratio  12x, f=3.5mm ~ 42.3mm, F1.8 ~ F2.8
Horizontal FOV  16x
Vertical FOV  0.5 Lux @ (F1.8, AGC ON)
Pan Angle  1/30s ~ 1/10000s
Tilt Angle  Auto, Indoor, Outdoor, One Push, Manual, VAR
Pan Speed  Support
Tilt Speed  2D & 3D Digital Noise Reduction
Image Flip  ≥ 55dB
Image Flip  72.5° ~ 6.9°
PoE  44.8° ~ 3.9°
Local Storage ±170°
Preset Position  ±30°
Preset Accuracy 1.61° ~75.56° /s

1080P Full-HD

The 1/2.8-inch quality HD CMOS sensor with effective 2.07

megapixels offers HD quality images up to 1920x1080 pixels.


Ultra-High Frame Rate

The output frame rate at 1080P is up to 60 fps .


Low Light

The application of 2D and 3D noise reduction algorithm

greatly reduces image noise. Even under the condition of

ultra-low illumination, it still keep the picture clean and clear,

and the SNR of image is as high as 55dB.



3G-SDI supported; Max. 1080p60 uncompressed original

video signals can be transmitted; downward compatible with

all HD-SDI formats.


72.5° Wide-Angle Lens + 12x Optical Zoom

72.5° ultra-wide-angle lens with 12x optical zoom and 16x

digital zoom